We’re on a mission to enable hosts to manage their vacation rentals from anywhere.

Automatebnb is more than a property management system. Built on the principle of simplicity and automation, our platform enables vacation rental hosts like you to put your property on auto pilot. This way you can focus less on managing your business and more on growing your business.

A little history…

Automatebnb is what we call an accidental startup.

In 2017, we were working our tech jobs in Silicon Valley. Passionate about hiking and nature, we decided to buy a vacation home near Yosemite. Our passion for hospitality guided us towards turning the place into a vacation rental.

However, managing our vacation rental became challenging being remote. The most time consuming and repetitive task was to text our cleaner of upcoming reservations or if there was a change in reservation or a cancellation.

Being techies ourselves, we decided to build a simple automation tool to sync reservations from major channels (like Airbnb, Vrbo ,etc) and automatically notify our cleaner to ensure cleaning doesn’t get missed.

We continued building more features to solve for hosts' pain points and this is how Automatebnb was born in 2018.

Today, Automatebnb is trusted by many vacation rental hosts all over United States.

💜, Automatebnb Team

What motivates us?

When hosts get excited with new feature updates. For instance:

Thank you for the cleaning note!!!!!!! Can't wait to check-out the other changes.

Our mission is to automate your short term rental operations, starting with cleanings.

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